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I have a degree in Geography and Philosophy from the University of Montana, where I emphasised my studies on Environmental Ethics. This is where I was first introduced to the concept of Permaculture. I then went on to do a lot of voluntary work around the world, and to complete a full Permaculture Design Course. Permaculture is "the design practice of creating sustainable human settlements that mimic natural ecosystems." It is a theory which can be applied to all aspects of life to create a more sustainable, environmentaly freindly, harmonious way of life.

H2 level heading What I offer is myself. I will come to you home, alotment, or field, and help you to create your own design. Permaculture is no secret - it is something that I want everyone to know about. I will teach you while I help you create a practicle example of a permaculture garden. I am based in Reigate, Surrey. If I am unable to come to your home, I will try to help you remotely. Earth Care - Act always with planet Earth and all her beings in mind. Make provisions for all life systems to continue and increase. Fair share - Limit your needs and wants. Share your surpluses. By governing our own needs, we can set aside resourses to further Earth care and People care. People care - Care for yourself, your family, neighbours, community, culture and all of humanity. Now and in the future. Make provisions for people to access those resources necessary. Sustainability - A dynamic system in which relationships are mutually beneficial, and where inputs and outputs are balanced, with foresight. If a system produces and or can gain access to its needs for growth and maintenance...and also produces a surplus for investment then it is sustainable. Tel: 07942344801 Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I would love to hear from you! - Rebecca Rebecca Harris, Premaculture Designer, based in Reigate, Surrey, South East England.